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Nils Feldhus is one the most productive and talented fellow mix producers that I know. He hosts two shows on Proton and Frisky Radio and have been curating ambient and atmospheric electronic music mixes under Helioscope and Planetarium brands since 2011 (right around the same time I started making mixes under the DJ Seroton pseudonym). I'm especially a fan of his Planetarium selections, which share a lot of the same ambient feel as my Calm Pills (and previously Drifter) mixes. I approached him and he was happy to have me guest mix on his show. I think this turned out to be one of the best ones I've created and I hope you like it too. I would also like to dedicate this mix to my friend Alaeddin Naasani. I've known him since college and I was surprised that the day I silently put a "tip me" link on my website (for fans of the show who want to show their support and appreciation), he was the first to do so with a generous amount that I proceeded to use to buy the songs featured on this episode. Thanks Alaeddin! Tracklist 00:00 Good Weather For An Airstrike ― A Quiet Day 05:37 Ben McElroy ― Ocean Left Unspoken 09:00 Jon Hopkins ― Immunity (with King Creosote) 12:56 Slow Meadow ― Helium Life Jacket 16:12 Alio Die & Antonio Testa ― One Nairb (Edit) 22:48 Brother Saturn ― As Empty as I Seem (Way Out Here) 27:20 Ashot Danielyan ― C-Meditation 30:44 Good Weather For An Airstrike ― Storm Fronts 34:52 Pepo Galán ― Bleeding Eyes (Shuta Yasukochi Remix) 38:55 Blake Ewing ― North 40:29 Stars Of The Lid ― Articulate Silences, Pt. 1 44:46 Gallery Six ― Awayuki 48:51 Moby ― Homeward Angel 57:21 Slow Meadow ― Lonesome Summer (Bonus Track)
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