As The World Comes Into Focus
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This mix was released on this day 5 years ago as part of my Drifter ambient series, which I created under my previous pseudonym DJ Seroton. It was the second collaboration I have done with the talented musician Tonepoet, who creates an excellent ambient mix podcast called Spaceman's Transmissions. We gave this mix the title of “As The World Comes into Focus”. It’s essentially an exploration of our inner senses as we drift in and out of consciousness. You may recognize this feeling from a time when you drifted off to sleep and then brought back somehow to faint awakening, only to drift back afterwards into a peaceful and restful sleep. This is what Tonepoet had to say about the mix and our collaboration: "While a simple mix from myself would seem sufficient, having the partnership with the humbling DJ SEROTON is one thing that pushes this mix far over the edge. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to create 2 mixes with him (the other is DRIFTER VOL. 6). For this particular mix, I stirred up the first half of the set, and he countered my vision with an unparalleled mix of intensity, beauty, and authority. It's really nice to have someone enhance my intentions and gives a fresh vibe to the set. The unpredictability of the outcome is what provides inspiration smiles. Not only is DJ Seroton such a very cool guy and like-minded music aficionado, but his production standards of both his art and presentation are of the highest standards. I really felt that I should do my best so as to really raise the standard of what we both could offer our peace seeking listeners. I'm very confident that together we have woven the perfect texture of sound and color; using light as glue and sealing it all in a consumable format for your mind and ears. My hope is that the music brings you a sense of solitude and elation. Feel free to use the music any time you need those sensations. Peace." Making this mix was a labor of love. If you feel like showing your appreciation, buy me a cup of a coffee. You can also share this with your friends, rate it or leave a review. Thank you. Tracklist 00:00 Woob ― Stranger Air (Error #1) - Repurpose 02:21 Umber ― Öpik-Oort 04:41 Aural Method ― As I Awoke... 06:00 Pseudosphère ― Aperception III 11:03 Monk By The Sea ― Lighthouse 13:58 Good Weather For An Airstrike ― Awaiting Your Arrival 17:44 Ben Lovett ― Surrender 20:28 Tonepoet ― Within My Mind An Ocean Appears 21:27 Tonepoet ― Things Left Unsaid 24:14 Umber feat. Good Weather For An Airstrike ― Sunshine Youth 28:24 Brambles ― To Speak Of Solitude 31:04 Aaron Zigman ― Anna On The Floor 31:32 Bing Satellites ― Soothing Image 46 34:09 Bing Satellites ― Dark Clouds 38:49 Adham Shaikh & Tim Floyd ― Portals (Part II) 43:35 Jonson ― Reason of Senses 49:05 Otto A Totland ― Seveen 50:09 Stars Of The Lid ― I Will Surround You
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