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I dedicated my last Chill Pill mix to my best friend who left this world all too quickly last month from his short-lived flight with COVID. Since then, and following the funeral that I couldn't attend in person, I fell into a deep existential breaking point as I realized the fragility of life, and grabbled with the conviction that this can't be all that we are, all that we live for, and all that remains of us. I imagined that even if Chris was ready to go, that he'd want me to remember him, to tell the world that he walked this earth with kindness, humility and desire to make it a better place. To me, what's harder than the helplessness I feel against the raging monster of never-again, is the thought that with every passing day, his memory is slipping away, one tiny fragment at a time. I don't know how long this mix will live on, but while it does, I hope it tells the story of a man who once existed, who was a best friend to me through thick and thin. I may or may never have a friend like him again, but for the rest of my days I'm going to remember and cherish all the moments I was blessed to have shared with him. Making this mix was a labor of love. If you feel like showing your appreciation, buy me a cup of a coffee ( You can also share this with your friends, rate it or leave a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you subscribed to this podcast. Thank you. Also, did you know that I have another podcast called Chill Pills. It features the same quality of craftmanship and careful curation you've come to expect from this show but focuses on more genres of music spanning chillout, lounge, jazz, instrumental, lo-fi chill hop, etc. Check it out: Tracklist 00:00 amble ― May Kasahara 03:21 David Helpling ― The Real World 04:34 Spheriá ― Don't Forget Me 07:56 amble ― Circumambulation 14:12 Thom Brennan ― Stories From The Forest Part 1 17:36 Warmth ― Every Day From Now 25:08 Cousin Silas ― October Grasslands 29:48 Biosphere ― Kyle 30:06 amble ― Narcissus and Goldmund 33:32 Andrew Tasselmyer ― Dawn Light 35:13 Kip Mazuy ― Where We Dissappear As One 41:52 Michael Stearns ― Sabana 45:47 Andrew Tasselmyer ― Number 6 48:02 Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie ― The Belles Of Saint Andrew 51:07 Slow Dancing Society ― Nerves 58:54 José Venditti ― The Phantom of the Night 60:44 Ben Lukas Boysen ― Sorry
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