Skyjacks: Episode 128
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With the vote complete and Orimar's Captaincy reaffirmed, Orimar has one last thing he's like to do before the Uhuru heads to a new port. He'll need help from everyone in his council in order to do it.
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The Uhuru pulls into a new port: Deauxmignon. A strange and sprawling city built in craters along a river delta that pours into a brackish swamp separating the river wetlands from the angry sea. Travis has business here and Orimar needs to plot the next move for the Uhuru after they take Jonnit...
Published 01/12/22
Published 01/12/22
The Goose arrives at Cret Azure to deliver their pallet of human bodies. The crew works to set up shop and Jack jumps in to take care of the bureaucratic nightmare created by their cargo giving Girace a chance to explore. She walks to a local cafe to unwind and enjoy the atmosphere, not...
Published 01/05/22