Skyjacks: Episode 165
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With a little help from Dref, Travis finds a way to help Orimar's body keep clinging to the edges of life and movement. Gable struggles through pain and disorientation to help Jonnit, but all is not as it appears. Elsewhere Jonnit tries to unravel one of the mysteries of the Queen's Wood. While Orimar struggles against memory, longing, and the unignorable sense that he is not himself.
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Still dealing with lingering confusion from the effects of the pollen being used by the greenhearts, Orimar is striking out at everything around him, including Jonnit. Also facing opponents that have the power to mimic the most fearsome forces on Spéir Jonnit has his work cut out for him....
Published 01/25/23
Travis and Gable fight desperately with the fading dregs of their strength to put down the greenhearts attacking them. However, in doing so they court a more dangerous foe. Jonnit fights to pull Orimar from the greenheart's influence and form a plan to lead the crew. Unfortunately, a desperate...
Published 01/18/23
Published 01/18/23