Skyjacks: Episode 172
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Still dealing with lingering confusion from the effects of the pollen being used by the greenhearts, Orimar is striking out at everything around him, including Jonnit. Also facing opponents that have the power to mimic the most fearsome forces on Spéir Jonnit has his work cut out for him. Meanwhile, Gable panics, realizing they have been seen. With the little strength they have left, they scramble to protect Travis from the most dangerous being they have ever known. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: Blood and mild gore, hallucinations, being attacked by someone you trust, realizing you have hurt someone you care about, things are really starting to heat up! Tales from Spéir: Bird lore! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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With the crew of The Uhuru reunited it's time to make a narrow escape. However, this escape was bought with dark promises and intends to be paid for which might make it narrower than anyone would like. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: Big episode, big feelings episode, gunshot sound effects, character...
Published 03/22/23
Jonnit, Orimar, and Hipp reach the ship to find the crew struggling to free the ship from overgrowth and a siege of aggressive forest creatures. Travis struggles to return to gable with the fruit of panacea as he finds Orimar's now living body much more difficult to push past normal...
Published 03/15/23
Published 03/15/23