Skyjacks: Episode 179
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With the crew of The Uhuru reunited it's time to make a narrow escape. However, this escape was bought with dark promises and intends to be paid for which might make it narrower than anyone would like. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: Big episode, big feelings episode, gunshot sound effects, character death, scarier than it is, but also pretty scary Dear Uhuru: More gay jousting talk 2023 CONVENTION TOUR SCHEDULE C2E2 March 31st-April 2nd, Chicago IL ACD Games Day May 24-26, Madison WI Gencon August 3rd-6th, Indianapolis IN CAMPFIRE CARDS Pre-Order Campfire Cards! Email preorder receipts to [email protected] to win the right to choose the subject of the next Skyjacks short story. Join Our Mailing List Support Us on Patreon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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