Skyjacks: Episode 124
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After rallying from a coordinated surprise attack and mutiny to an overwhelming victory, the Captain's Council of The Uhuru and Orimar Vale specifically, have an important decision to make: What should they do with their contoured adversaries? This was a calculated attack, Uhuru lives were lost. They cannot appear weak. At the same time, The Silver Bullet is a corsair ship, even if they are not with The Tempest Armada they attack with less malice and brutality than Red Feathers. Orimar looks to his past to find what sort of captain he needs to be right now.
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Published 12/01/21
James sits down with Aaron Catano-Saez and Drew Mierzejewski to talk about the mysterious yet wholesome subject of Necromancy on Spéir. Jeff Stormer is not in this recoding, therefore we don't have the franchise rights to call this All My Fantasy Skyjacks. Please refrain from thinking of it as...
Published 12/01/21
With the vote complete and Orimar's Captaincy reaffirmed, Orimar has one last thing he's like to do before the Uhuru heads to a new port. He'll need help from everyone in his council in order to do it.
Published 11/17/21