(Short Cuts) We Need to Talk About Kevin Vuong
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Amidst escalating tensions between Canada and China, an independent MP thinks he’s found the shadowy hand manipulating his fate. If a person asserts there’s been a plot against them but can’t offer any proof, does that count as a literal conspiracy theory? And has this government ever met a poorly-conceived policy for media regulation it didn’t like? Well, it has now! PressProgress editor Luke LeBrun joins Jonathan on Short Cuts. Host: Jonathan Goldsbie Credits: Aviva Lessard (Producer), Caleb Thompson (Audio Editor and Technical Producer), Annette Ejiofor (Managing Editor) Guest: Luke LeBrun   Further reading:  As the spectre of China's meddling spreads, another MP claims he is a victim – National PostIndependent MP Kevin Vuong explains to Moore In The Morning whether he was targeted by Chinese election interference. – Newstalk 1010The Liberal Party of Canada Wants to Regulate Truth Online. Even Justin Trudeau Thinks It’s a Bad Idea. – PressProgressThis Must Stop: Government and Liberal Party Go All-In On Speech Regulation With Political Truth Oversight Bodies, Mandated Press Source Tracing, and Disclosure of Critics’ Communications – Michael GeistThis Liberal resolution targets my work – Paul Wells (Substack)  Sponsors: Douglas, Squarespace    If you value this podcast, Support us! You’ll get premium access to all our shows ad free, including early releases and bonus content. You’ll also get our exclusive newsletter, discounts on merch at our store, tickets to our live and virtual events, and more than anything, you’ll be a part of the solution to Canada’s journalism crisis, you’ll be keeping our work free and accessible to everybody.     You can listen ad-free on Amazon Music—included with Prime. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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