42 Brent and Brendan McGuigan
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From PEI, the story of a family feud that lasted for decades - in the eyes of one man who couldn’t get past his obsession. Want to support sponsors? Here's where the discount codes are: www.canadiantruecrime.ca/sponsors Learn more: Hostage by Parcast Misconduct True Crime Podcast Get ad free episodes for $2 a month: www.patreon.com/canadiantruecrime Credits: Research and writing: Charlie Worroll from Impact Statement Narration, music arrangement, audio production: Kristi Lee Audio editing: Erik Krosby Disclaimer voiced by the host of Beyond Bizarre True Crime All other credits including music and sources can be found on the episode page at canadiantruecrime.ca/episodes. Support the show.
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The Pas, Manitoba My next episode is going to be late, sorry! It's a two-part case and I need a bit more time to make sure it's correct. So while I work away, here is the first episode of a brand new podcast called Crimelines - written and hosted by Charlie Worroll (who writes freelance for...
Published 05/15/19
CALGARY, ALBERTA - In 2016, a single mother failed to drop off her 5 year old daughter at daycare, and from there began a family's worst nightmare.   Learn more about: True Crime Podcast Festival  |  Chicago, July 13 True Crime Podcasts - Live in Toronto  |  Toronto, August 18 (tickets coming...
Published 05/01/19
CALGARY, ALBERTA - Early in the morning in 2014 police in responded to three separate 911 calls. There had been a stabbing incident at a house in Brentwood, a suburb in the northwest of the city. It only took police a few minutes to arrive, and once they did, the scene that greeted them would be...
Published 04/15/19