Nicolas Lacker Stuhl: the international Frenchman who followed his heart to Munich and a career in the automotive industry and whose entrepreneurial spirit now sees him at the forefront of car subscription and connected car retailing.
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Nicolas is an expert in the rapidly emerging field of car subscription and connected car retailing. After spending his work life in big corporations working internationally, Nicolas moved into entrepreneurship 18 months ago.   This was initially intended to be a temporary situation but it extended beyond his expectations, in terms of duration but mostly in terms of personal discovery and growth.   A husband and father of two, Nicolas is widely enjoying his new lifestyle and discovering as he goes along what it means making the journey from employment to self employment.  We discuss how young love played a part in him finding his way into the automotive industry, the incredible experiences he had as a result of connecting with locals in South Africa and the challenges he faced moving back to his home country of France. We also talk about his journey in recent years to be at the forefront of vehicle subscription and the current transformation that OEM, dealerships and car finance companies are going through. I'm delighted to be able to introduce Nicolas to you in this episode and look forward to hearing what resonates with you.  If you enjoy listening to my guests career stories, please follow CAREER-VIEW MIRROR in your podcast app.   You can contact Nicolas via LinkedIn  Why not follow us on Instagram @careerviewmirror where you can see a directory of all our episodes and comment on those you have enjoyed?  This episode of Career-view Mirror is brought to you by Aquilae.   Aquilae's mission is to enable Fulfilling Performance in the auto finance and mobility industry, internationally. Adopting our Fulfilling Performance Paradigm helps you identify what steps you need to take to enable Fulfilling Performance for yourself, your team and your business. Contact [email protected] for a no obligation conversation about your situation.  Email: [email protected]  Episode recorded on 23 September 2022 
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