Ep. 6: Iran crosses nuclear threshold as Israel, US fight amongst themselves
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In this week’s episode of “Mideast News Hour,” Caroline Glick is joined by Dr. David Wurmser, a senior Middle East policy advisor in both the Bush and Trump administrations. They discuss: - Why the International Atomic Energy Agency’s announcement that Iran has crossed the nuclear threshold has gone virtually unremarked by Israeli and American media? - How both the US and Israel are now governed by post-nationalist governments. - American domestic struggles, as parents are not able to feed their children. - The unheralded world-changing legacy of the First Lebanon War.
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In this week’s episode, Caroline analyzes the efforts to thwart judicial reform in Israel and the threat from the newly appointed Attorney General to fire Netanyahu. She analyzes how over the past thirty years, the left transformed Israel’s legal fraternity into a means to control government...
Published 01/24/23
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Published 01/17/23