Ep. 37: The New Jews in America and the Old Oligarchy in Israel
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In the new episode of the “Caroline Glick Show,” author Karol Markowicz joins Caroline Glick to discuss the rise of proud Zionist Jews in America and the judicial reform in Israel. According to Markowicz, there is a new sort of Jew emerging in America. He isn’t progressive. He isn’t conservative. He’s just a Jew and he’s got no interest in explaining his existence as a Jew to antisemites of any variety. In her opening remarks, Glicks speaks about the left’s declared war against the Netanyahu government’s efforts to reform Israel’s judiciary.
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In her opening remarks, Caroline discusses Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s decision last week to cast true compromise to the four winds and put forward a “compromise” that aligns perfectly with the views of the legal fraternity led by Supreme Court President Esther Hayut. To understand what...
Published 03/21/23
Faced with an empowered nuclear-pending Iran, weakened America and division at home, what should PM Netanyahu do? How can he show leadership during this crucial time? On this week’s “Caroline Glick” show, host and journalist Caroline Glick is joined by former leftist kibbutznik, Israeli...
Published 03/14/23
Published 03/14/23