178: Tips for getting your audience to show up for you with Scott Carson
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Do you ever get frustrated when you set up an awesome experience like an event, workshop, or group coaching session....but then....you really struggle to get your audience interested in participating?? You KNOW your content rocks and it will be life changing, but that doesn't matter if we can't get people in front of it! Check out episode 178 of Podcasting Business School as I chat with marketing master Scott Carson from The Note Closers Show. In this episode Scott and I discuss: *The various ways he's been able to use his podcast to earn income and grow his real estate business. *His ideal customer journey and how much he's charging for each step in the process. *How he gets his audience to show up for his live/virtual events and workshops. *Where are podcasters missing the boat when it comes to monetization? Connect with Scott: https://weclosenotes.com/note-closers-show-podcast/   Attend our next Pod Pals Zoom Party: www.PodcastingBusiness.School  
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