Masterclass on Missionary
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Now you know we take your sexual education seriously here, we provide master classes that are guaranteed to make you graduate cum lôudér from the University of Sexfield. And this week your Professors Ann & Sam guide you through an intense sexual lesson on the good old way of Missionary. This sexual position often deemed the boring married couple position, because the wrong types of missionaries were handling it, is about to be the intense sexual and nasty orgasmic position it should be. Your professors in this episode will guide you on the right way to f**k, twist, bend and cum in the first position known to man. So grab your pen and paper out, pull out your fingers, sex toys and partners, it’s time to take notes because here at CWTFW we are determined to take you on an orgasmic mission. Professor Ann will give you lessons on how to make it nasty and slutty while Professor Samia will give you tips on how to enhance it in a more intimate and romantic way. Happy Missionaring hoes! --- Send in a voice message:
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