In this self-reflective episode, we chat about the importance of arguing well and how the very dreaded disagreements can be beneficial to our relationships with our loved ones. Although, there are disagreements or conflicts that can hinder our growth in relationships which you should keep an eye out for. Listen in for insight on how to tackle these moments and why your apologies might not be received well.
Published 05/17/22
We’re returning with another episode and we tackle the topic of social media and the impact it has on our social standards and well-being. How far can likes and the desire of “soft life” take you? We touch on finances and why we need to be realistic with our standards and expectations in life. Tune in for some down time and self-reflective conversation.
Published 04/10/22
Published 04/10/22
The sequel of girl talk returns. In this episode we give the gents the platform to voice out what they don’t particularly enjoy in the bedroom. Ladies pay attention as the gents take us through all things bedroom related, listen in for a good laugh and some hard truths.
Published 03/14/22
Have you been in a toxic relationship and now you’ve finally found the one who treats you right? Well, we know that the transition from being in a toxic environment to going into a healthy isn’t an easy thing to adjust to. In this episode, we help you navigate through what may seem like a daunting process. Listen in, as we talk about how to transition and settle into a healthy relationship by, letting go, involving your partner and redefining what love is.
Published 01/30/22
The first episode of 2022 we want to make sure you win in your love life with that being said how do you shoot your shot? Listen in as we chat about how we shoot our shot, our hits, our misses and how we’ve dealt with them. Take notes ladies and gents as you tune for good laughs and good tips.
Published 01/23/22
As the the year comes to an end we go into depth of what 2021 has truly been for us. In this episode we share the peaks and valleys of the year, what we wish was different and our goals for the new year. Listen in for a word of encouragement and a laugh.
Published 12/21/21
It's the festive season which means more parties. In this episode we are giving you our personal partying guide for those who aren't so familiar with all things groove. Listen in for a laugh and useful and tips.
Published 12/15/21
Let’s go deeper. On this episode we talk about all things bedroom, from sexting to hygiene. Tune in as we let the guys in on what most girls struggle to communicate when it comes to needs and wants of being satisfied.
Published 11/28/21
On this episode we discuss in depth about what it means to be entitled. We look into what it means for the provider to constantly be taken advantage of and what are the true repercussions of being entitled in the long run. Tune in as we also take time to introspection on our phases of entitlement.
Published 11/14/21
This episode brings up the sensitive topic of sexual harassment and/or assault. We seek to inform our listeners through our encounters with sexual harassment and our basic knowledge on the issue from both the predator’s point of and the victim’s. WARNING: This episode may be triggering for some listeners.
Published 11/10/21
The fourth episode we address a very popular topic among today’s youth, body shaming, in which we identify the impact it has on how we perceive ourselves and one another. It is also crucial that we talk about the reality of being comfortable in our own skin and the challenges it comes with. Listen in as Pea and Just Khanya take you on their journey about loving their bodies.
Published 10/21/21
On this episode the topic of relationships is continued as we talk about healing from heartbreak. With the upcoming festive season it might get a little lonely after separating from a significant other. Listen in on how Pea and Just Khanya navigate the dread of breaking up.
Published 10/14/21
In Episode 2, Just Khanya and Pea have a relaxed chat about what it means to “be in the streets”, their personal experiences with “the streets” and how to master being in the streets. Listen in for a laugh and friendly advice.
Published 10/06/21
In the premier of our podcast we dive into the subject of red and green flags in relationships. Relationship red flags are what we are always told to look out for, but what about the green flags? In this episode we get into detail about both and how to make informed decisions about those tricky friendships/ relationships. Listen up as we take through our experiences and how we deal with our experiences.
Published 09/30/21