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In this self-reflective episode, we chat about the importance of arguing well and how the very dreaded disagreements can be beneficial to our relationships with our loved ones. Although, there are disagreements or conflicts that can hinder our growth in relationships which you should keep an eye...
Published 05/17/22
We’re returning with another episode and we tackle the topic of social media and the impact it has on our social standards and well-being. How far can likes and the desire of “soft life” take you? We touch on finances and why we need to be realistic with our standards and expectations in life....
Published 04/10/22
The sequel of girl talk returns. In this episode we give the gents the platform to voice out what they don’t particularly enjoy in the bedroom. Ladies pay attention as the gents take us through all things bedroom related, listen in for a good laugh and some hard truths.
Published 03/14/22