183. How To Have Effective 1:1s with Your Team to Drive Results with Empathy
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In this week's Wine Down Wednesday, Suneera shares what a 1:1 is, why it's essential, and how to have an effective 1:1. Whether you are a professional with a few direct reports, a CEO with a large team, or a solopreneur with a couple of contractors, you'll learn why effective 1:1s are beneficial to driving business results. Suneera shares why it is our job as leaders to check in, ensure the team is healthy and strong, and provide them the support they need. Follow @ceoschool on Instagram for inspiration and exclusive behind-the-scenes you won’t find anywhere else. This episode is sponsored by The Club, a Quarterly box and monthly digital community to help you level up in leadership and life. Learn more today at https://join.theceoschool.co/  
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