216. Dr. Laura Gallaher: Understanding Your Brain Will Make You a Better Leader
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In today's episode, you'll hear from Dr. Laura Gallaher, founder of Gallaher Edge, where she applies the science of human behavior to organizations so they can get their edge, achieve together, and enjoy the journey. You'll hear how Laura became an organizational psychologist and her work with NASA to transform their culture following the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy. Laura shares why fear is a normal experience, why you need to be conscious of your fears to address them, and the one fear we all have. You'll learn why conflict can be a good thing and the importance of inviting a diverse perspective of ideas in our businesses. Connect with Laura: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drlauragallaher/ Website: https://gallaheredge.com/ This episode is brought to you by The Club 2.0. Join today and take advantage of our lowest price. Doors are now open. Learn more today at https://theceoschool.co/ceo-club-2022
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