100. Maya Elious on Owning Your Value, Thinking Bigger for Your Business, and Being Willing to Pivot to Make an Impact
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In this episode, you'll hear from Maya Elious, a personal branding strategist that teaches experts how to position themselves as the go-to authority figure in their industry so they can confidently launch their signature offer. Maya addresses a limiting belief we have as women around charging what we are worth and Maya’s advice on a pricing strategy. You'll hear  her journey starting out in the brand industry by making customized myspace pages in high school and college then evolved into websites and running a design agency. She shares about her shift from done-for-you design services to coaching women on how to turn their expertise into a business, and the big three takeaways from Maya’s impact weekend event that you can apply to your business. Maya tells what the best and worst pieces of advice she has received in business and her impact on the minority and black community through her work and coaching. Connect with Maya: IG: @mayaelious Built to Impact: @builttoimpact This episode is sponsored by The Club, a Quarterly box and digital monthly community to help you level up and leadership and life. Learn more today at join.theceoschool.co/theclub Follow @ceoschool on Instagram for inspiration and exclusive behind-the-scenes you won’t find anywhere else. We also have an absolutely incredible FREE resource for you–it’s the 7 lessons we learned building 7 and 8 figure businesses, these are complete game changers and we want to give it to you, completely free. All you have to do is leave a review of the podcast–why you love listening–screenshot the review, and email it to [email protected] and we’ll send it your way.
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