128. 4 Ways to Go from Chaotic to Calm
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In this episode you’ll hear: The importance of saying ‘no’ so you can make room in your day to day and avoid overwhelm and burnout (5:27) How getting organized and taking control of your schedule can help you be more productive and ensure you are accomplishing what’s most important (11:26) Why you need to focus on quality over quantity in all areas of your life: work, home, family and friends (21:28) This episode is sponsored by The Club, a Quarterly box and digital monthly community to help you level up and leadership and life. Learn more today at join.theceoschool.co/theclub Follow @ceoschool on Instagram for inspiration and exclusive behind-the-scenes you won’t find anywhere else. If you've enjoyed today's episode, please leave us a five star rating telling us what you enjoy the most.
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