Episode 043: Roxy Washington (feat. Stephanie Williams)
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In Episode 43 of CEREBRO, Connor and writer Steph Williams hype up Roxy Washington, the brilliant Bling! While she's a somewhat minor character, lesbian teen Roxy has a unique role in her generation. Plus: Steph's newly-announced DC Comics book NUBIA AND THE AMAZONS! Plus her thoughts on Monica Rambeau, Storm, and whatever else occurred to us to chat about. The CEREBRO character file on Bling! begins at 56:26. (Content Advisory: Roxy's story includes homophobic violence. This episode discusses racism and homophobia. When we talk about The Trial of Magneto, I mention the recent murder of a Romani man named Stanislav Tomáš by Czech police. To help the Tomáš family, you can visit their official fundraiser: https://www.betterplace.me/gerechtigkeit-fuer-stanislav-tomas63)
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