Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller? Why it's a debate now - When it sounded crazy a few weeks ago
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Does Brandon Miller have a real chance of bypassing Scoot Henderson on draft boards? Rafael Barlowe and Richard Stayman discuss the hot topic in the draft world over the last 48 hours, which wasn't even really considered a debate just a few weeks back. Brandon Miller's stellar performances in a storm of controversy and Scoot's good - but not spectacular - play have opened the discussion of who's going No. 2 behind Victor Wembanyama. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Richard and Leif break down the winners, losers, and biggest surprises of the early entrant/withdrawal deadline that happened May 31 for NCAA players, including Jordan Walsh, Reece Beekman, Dillon Mitchell, Julian Phillips, Jaylen Clark, and others. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...
Published 06/01/23
Rafael Barlowe drops off his latest Mock Draft as we enter the final few weeks before the NBA draft. While Wembanyama, Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson remain in the top 3, Rafael moves Villanova's Cam Whitmore into the 4th spot ahead of Amen Thompson. Duke's Dereck Lively cracks the top 10 and...
Published 05/31/23