What is the third eye chakra, and how do you use it to find inner peace and be present? Chakras for kids Part 6:The Third Eye Chakra
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Did you know you have an inner guidance system called intuition?   It’s something that helps you follow your inner voice and calm your mind.    As we continue our journey through the meaning of the 7 chakras, we are discovering how the third eye chakra can help you along your path, and help you feel more relaxed and open-minded.   Welcome to episode 13 of Chakra Talk! In this episode, I’m sharing everything you need to know about the 6th chakra, and how to balance the third eye chakra. Balancing this chakra offers so many benefits, including the ability to think clearly and follow your intuition.   Also, I’m sharing how to recognize when your third eye is blocked, and how to balance it. And, of course, the Chakra Kids are here to help you understand how it all works!   I’m offering you so many amazing tools for you to add to your magical tool kit today!   You won’t want to miss these mindfulness activities that are sure to come in handy when you need them most! Dream big, magical one!   Carly Want to introduce your kids to the world of spirituality and mindfulness?    Grab my free chakra balancing guide with 108 ideas to engage your kids in a fun and meaningful way here! Loving this episode and want to find more mindfulness activities for kids? Grab a grown-up and let’s connect!   Instagram: @campchakrakids Facebook: Raising Chakra Kids  Youtube: Chakra Kids  Website: InnerRainbowProject.com And whenever you're ready for more you can join Camp Chakra Kids and hang out with the Chakra Kids for some chakra balancing fun! They will help you make every day an adventure in happiness. Click here: Learn more about Camp Chakra Kids!
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