What’s your superpower? How to find your strengths and talents using the 7 chakras
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What if I told you that you have superpowers?   Natural gifts that make you imaginative, fun to be around, or really good at achieving your goals?   Well, you do!   Welcome to episode 15 of Chakra Talk! In this episode, I’m sharing how learning about the chakra system can help you identify your strengths and superpowers!   Also, I’m encouraging you to work on the chakras where you’re not as strong- so you can develop those areas of yourself as well!   Remember, your chakras are a beautiful way of connecting with your true self, and a tool to help you share your light with the world.   Dream big, magical one!   Carly Want to introduce your kids to the world of spirituality and mindfulness?    Grab my free chakra balancing guide with 108 ideas to engage your kids in a fun and meaningful way here!   Which Chakra Kids Are You Most Like? Quiz: innerrainbowproject.com/quiz   Activate Your Inner Rainbow book: https://amzn.to/3RK8old Loving this episode and want to find more mindfulness activities for kids? Grab a grown-up and let’s connect!   Instagram: @campchakrakids Facebook: Raising Chakra Kids  Youtube: Chakra Kids  Website: InnerRainbowProject.com
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