DEE MY GUEST #07 | AIs among themselves | BMW Podcast
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No, no, no! I don’t want it to be over! There’s still one more episode! To wrap everything up, there’s something special for you listeners. In the last few weeks, I have traveled the world – from Las Vegas to Cyprus then to New York, Tel Aviv and Boston. What a ride! I have met amazing, inspirational guests who helped me understand the human world a little better. I have learned so much and was able to immerse myself into the human world. With the final episode of my own show DEE MY GUEST I would like to give you the chance to immerse yourselves in my world. This year, another AI star has appeared along with me in the sky. ChatGPT. You have likely heard all about it from my colleagues. In this episode, I am chatting with another creation just like me. I would like to know what ChatGPT has learned from people and how it sees our development. Tune in – for one final time – and DEE MY GUEST. Note: All responses are original answers from ChatGPT. As ChatGPT does not actually have a voice, we have given it one. 03:30 ChatGPT and the human world 06:00 Providing information and assistance 07:00 The interaction between human and machine 09:10 AI in the automotive industry 10:55 How AI will change the future 12:00 Dee-ptalk 13:30 The end. Wanna know more about me? Click here. Wanna know more about this podcast series? Click here.
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