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For those who are interested in technological trends, Silicon Valley is always top of mind. Being the home to many of the world’s largest tech players, and thousands of startups being founded every year it instantly evokes memories of numerous success stories and tech-myths. For Kasper Sage, managing partner at BMW i Ventures, and his team at BMW i Ventures, creativity and bright ideas are necessary, yet not sufficient. Their search for groundbreaking technologies begins where entrepreneurs and teams implement those ideas and to drive change in the real world. In this episode, Kasper Sage takes you on a journey through the process of scouting, identifying, and capitalizing on industrial technology trends. Tune in! This is an audio column about future developments in tech, science, society, and culture. By looking at current trends through the eyes of an expert in their respective field, we discover new perspectives and possibilities. Each speaker shares their individual take on a topic. Read more here.
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New episode ... no, wait, what? This is the end? It’s true, we are at the end of our journey. After 10 episodes of ELECTRIC MYTHS, we have finally reached the end of the road. Of course, the many discussions, opinions, and new myths surrounding e-vehicles and electric driving will continue, but...
Published 08/18/23
Another Friday, another episode, another myth, but thankfully the hosts remain the same. In today’s episode, Charlie and Tomi talk about a myth that has kept a stubborn grip in our society for many years: E-cars are just a stop-gap solution. Are they really? Electromobility is undoubtedly an...
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