576 - The Wonder Twins (11/15/21)
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We look at the twin avatars for the future of the Democratic party: Mayor Secretary Pete, through his new documentary “Mayor Pete,” and Kamala Harris, through a new CNN article about how everyone is being very mean and unfair to her. Grim stuff! Fortunately the boys have a surefire solution for who should lead the party into 2024, if the Dems are brave enough to take their advice. Grab your tickets to our 12/8 show at Asbury Hall in Buffalo: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/chapo-trap-house-tickets-201713088277 And have you checked out our new merch drops? Some good shit in here: https://shop.chapotraphouse.com/
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Published 05/13/22
Author, anti-crypto advocate (and yes, film & TV star) Ben McKenzie stops by to talk Cryptocurrency. We discuss the lies & fraud at the center of Crypto, the use of celebs to boost the scheme, and his experiences traveling to the Miami Bitcoin conference and a Bitcoin mining server farm...
Published 05/10/22
Published 05/10/22