580 - The Prisoner (11/29/21)
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Felix explains Twitter Spaces and his theory of the Swag Samsara. Then Will leads us through two pieces covering the Epstein case, one detailing the jury selection of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial and one attempting to re-examine Jeffrey Epstein’s death and declare it definitively a suicide. Both are...interesting, in what they chose to say about their subjects and how.\ Tickets still available for our show NEXT WEEK, 12/8 at Asbury Hall in Buffalo: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/chapo-trap-house-tickets-201713088277
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So I (Chris) take one week off producing for a little vacation and somehow the boys manage to accidentally record all three of themselves into just one mic track for this ep? Idk I literally can’t leave these jokers alone for one minute. Our guest editor did heroic work getting this listenable,...
Published 01/18/22
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Published 01/14/22
Published 01/14/22