Quick Set: Dyslexia & the Sweet Spot of Learning
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In this Quick Set from a previous episode, Ben shares his experience living with and dealing with dyslexia. For the full episode, search the feed for “What We’re Reading #02.” 📍 Subscribe to the show:  Apple Pods: tinyurl.com/3nu78tsh Spotify: tinyurl.com/ekhp3cce YouTube: tinyurl.com/9uktjdfs
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We’re taking a listener question about helping our kids avoid some of the adversities of life and talking broadly about stimulus and response, being generation breakers, and why “what we do around here” is such a powerful force. =========== EXPECT TO LEARN: ===========  📍 How to improve our...
Published 05/30/23
Published 05/30/23
We’re answering a listener question about whether CrossFit affiliates are offering a “watered down” version of CrossFit, and whether that’s a good thing if so. We’re talking about the CrossFit Games, standardization across gyms, Hyrox, and more. =========== EXPECT TO LEARN: ===========  ...
Published 05/23/23