#61 Tactical Tuesday: Big Pots at 500 Zone
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Coach Brad and Jon break down two 3bet pots that Jon recently played at 500 Zone. To learn more about the Free Nuffle promotion, visit: https://chasingpokergreatness.com/free-nuffle-promotion New CPG Cash Game Courses! Preflop Bootcamp: https://bit.ly/Preflop-Bootcamp Fish in a Barrel: http://bit.ly/fish-in-a-barrel Neutralize Flop Leads: https://bit.ly/2OkN8Yt
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On this week's episode Coach Brad and Jon analyze two hands where Jon tried donking the flop. They try to answer two questions: 1. Is donking ever appropriate? and 2. What size should you donk and how should you proceed once your donk bet gets called?
Published 05/24/22
Published 05/24/22
This week Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas try to identify the two main incentives behind playing poker: namely having fun and being profitable. Are the two mutually exclusive? Are they at odds sometimes? If so, how does one find the proper tradeoff? Tune in to find out.
Published 05/21/22