Gratitude Unlocks Abundance
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In today’s episode I discuss the role gratitude plays in unlocking abundance throughout our lives! I also touch on some important messages and reminders. Tune in!  IG: catvolcy TikTok: catvolcy 
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In today's episode I discuss how I'm healing my relationship with my body, food, and movement. My goal around addressing this topic is to provide insight, advice, and encouragement through sharing the changes I have made. My intention is never to trigger anyone or cause harm, but this topic is...
Published 01/20/23
Published 01/20/23
In today's episode I discuss the importance of allowing yourself to be a beginner.  I believe as a society we underestimate the beauty of allowing ourselves to do something that brings us joy even if we're not necessarily "good".  This can apply to many aspects of our lives. Tune in to hear me...
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