Growth Requires Discomfort
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In today's episode I discuss growth requiring discomfort. Growth will be a consistent and constant part of our journey in life, yet there's still ways we can still block or slow down our growth. We find ourselves remaining in environments, friendships, relationships, while turning down new opportunities, connections, and places because they pose uncertainty and we are comfortable. That temporary discomfort we avoid is truly a requirement for growth. Tune in to hear my perspective and advice on this!  Tiktok: catvolcy  Website: Instagram: catherineevolcy
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hiii everyone! In today's episode I discuss the importance of allowing yourself to experience greater and pushing back against self-sabotage. I believe this topic can apply to every aspect of our lives. I understand that when greater is presented and we aren't used to greater, there is an urge to...
Published 05/08/23
In today’s episode I discuss the importance of filling your life with ease! For many of us a life of ease is not familiar to us. Therefore, a question that usually arises is, what does making room for ease in my life even look like? I walk through this and much more. I highly recommend tuning in!...
Published 04/12/23
Published 04/12/23