The boy who cried wolf (18+)
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Does it really take a village to raise a child? Well not in this village. Wilful negligence & ignorance is key in this story, which results in a needless tragic death of an overworked shepherd boy. The villagers should be ashamed of themselves. This is story telling with a difference. Don't like fairytales? Me neither. 
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Another children's story like you've never heard before. In this story Snow White is conceived by the wish of a woman with unrealistic views on beauty. The Queen (Snow Whites step mother) is marred only by her mirror stating the she is no longer the most "normal" of all. The seven drawfs can't...
Published 03/12/22
Published 03/12/22
Ever wondered why Jack & Jill kept attempting the same periless journey and then each time meeting the same fate? No? Well, me neither. Ever wondered why Jack tries to heal himself with Vinegar and brown paper? No? Me neither. What I did wonder was... "why the hell doesn't he help Jill?!"...
Published 11/21/21