The Tale of the White Snake Fairy
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Once upon a time, a White Snake Fairy fell in love with a young man in the mortal world. Marriage followed and all was well until the Dragon Boat Festival came around. What happened during the festival and did the husband ever find out about her true identity?
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Everyone knows the Cinderella story, but did you know that there was a Chinese Cinderella story, from over 1,500 years ago? Instead of a fairy god mother, it was a fish and an old man that helped the Chinese Cinderella get to her ball. Did she have crystal shoes too? Well, sort of but not quite.
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The Hua Mountain in China is known for its steepness and legend has it that it was split open by a little boy named Chen Xiang. Why would he do that and how did he do that?
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Have you been to the Great Wall in Beijing or the Pyramids in Egypt? Have you ever wondered how these were built, one stone on top of another, without any modern machinery? These wonders of the world are so awe-inspiring to look at, but on the other hand, they were also built with the lives of so...
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