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In this episode: salary negotiation, knowing your worth, doing your own research, anchoring, and facing job offers. We often talk about the importance of shifting out of a scarcity mindset towards an abundant one, and this can mean leaving a job for a new one, or even asking for a higher wage. But how do you overcome the guilty feelings that can arise when wanting to level up? This week we are re-joined by the Financial Mechanic to discuss the art and steps to successful salary negotiating, from doing your research to collaboratively working with hiring managers, and learning to handle the discomfort and self doubt that can come when asking for more. While negotiating can make you feel uncomfortable or even intimidated, it’s important to remind yourself that asking for what you want does not mean you are begging. Rather, it means you know your worth and are advocating for yourself and your future! Though it takes practice, learning how to confidently negotiate can make a difference in your present but make all the difference in your future and your FI goals!  Financial Mechanic: Website: financialmechanic.com Twitter: @fimechanic Timestamps: 1:05 - Introduction 5:21 - The Win-Win of Salary Negotiation 14:40 - Delay Talking About Salary 18:42 - Doing Your Research 25:33 - Knowing Your Worth 29:21 - The Negotiation 36:44 - Negotiation is About More Than Salary 41:10 - Accepting, Rejecting, and Making Your Decision 44:49 - Updates From The Financial Mechanic 53:25 - Conclusion Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode: How to Negotiate Your Salary Without Burning Bridges | Financial Mechanic | Ep 211 Glassdoor 1 Year of Early Retirement (With Numbers) Subscribe to The FI Weekly! More Helpful Links and FI Resources: Earn $1,050 or More With These 3 Cash Back Cards Share FI by sending a friend ChooseFI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence Find a new side hustle with one of our Educational Courses Commission-Free Investing with M1 Finance
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