Nailed It! Nicole Byer Bakes Funny
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Comedian and “Nailed It!” host Nicole Byer breaks down the art of improv, making it in the world of comedy and how to host a baking competition show when you know nothing about baking. Plus, we chat with Karl De Smedt, manager of the world’s only international sourdough library; J. Kenji López-Alt gives us a crash course on the best homemade fried rice; and we learn how to get a good char on Catalonian-inspired grilled vegetables. (Originally aired July 24th, 2020.) Get this week's recipe, Spanish Grilled Vegetables (Escalivada): This weeks sponsor:  Visit for $25 off the first month of a Premium Sitka Seafood Share. Proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. And now, save 50% on the Sleep Number 360® Limited Edition smart bed. Plus, special financing on all smart beds. Only for a limited time at Sleep Number stores and  Making the switch to natural products has never been easier. For a limited time, when listeners go to you will get to choose a FREE gift with your first order of $30 or more.    See for privacy and opt-out information.
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