Let’s talk about your gut! It gets a bad rap and it’s certainly not glamorous, but the gut is the engine for the whole body. Your microbiome lives in your gut and is a collection of trillions of organisms that […]
Published 12/07/21
In a society where many are hyper focused on honoring themselves, how do you raise kids to love, honor, and fear the Lord?  In what ways can parents instill faith while also creating room for kids to grow and build […]
Published 11/30/21
Are you in a position where you feel the need to achieve, but your season in life doesn’t allow for that right now? Maybe you’re the CEO of your home, nobly tasked with raising and discipling your kids, but you […]
Published 11/28/21
This has been a year like no other, and with Christmas quickly approaching, that means it’s time to sit back and enjoy Chrystal’s Christmas Collection! Kariss and I continue our mother-daughter tradition of hosting the Christmas Collection and we had […]
Published 11/22/21
Have you ever gotten that itch… you know, the desire to do more? The unsettled feeling that maybe, just maybe, what you are doing or where you are in life is not all there is to your story. Today, I […]
Published 11/16/21
Have you ever wondered why God allows you to endure certain trials in life?  When the pain and pressure of your current circumstances threaten to overwhelm you, how can you remain faithful to Him and believe His word? How can […]
Published 11/11/21
Did you miss me?  I’m soooooo glad to be back at it. I have a wonderful plan for new podcasts to share with you for the rest of 2021, but since I’ve been gone, I figured I’d personally kick things […]
Published 11/03/21
Y’all!! Can you believe that my 49th birthday is here? I can’t believe it either! I’m in my LAST year of 40’s….I WILL BE FIFTY NEXT  YEAR. So I’m celebrating. Not only am I celebrating another year of life, today […]
Published 07/07/21
What do you see yourself doing five years from now? Did the pandemic alter your perspective regarding the things you wanted to accomplish? 2020 was a very hectic year that changed the trajectory of how we do life and business. […]
Published 06/10/21
Do you ever look at other people’s lives and feel like you are falling behind? Maybe you don’t feel like you are as successful as you should be or you aren’t living in the house you want to live in. […]
Published 06/02/21
Do you feel like you’re constantly going and never finishing your jam-packed to-do list? Are you pushing to be the most successful business-woman, the most involved parent, or the most hospitable host, and resting for an hour — let alone […]
Published 05/26/21
How do you cope when life seems to be unbearable?  At some point in time, we either have or will experience suffering. Seasons of suffering can cause even the strongest of us to feel hopeless and as if God has […]
Published 05/19/21
Does your life feel like a giant plate of spaghetti, where your work, home, kids, and hobbies have all been mixed into one plate together? Are you trying to savor both the responsibilities and joys of life but feel overwhelmed […]
Published 05/07/21
From friendships to marriage, all relationships require intentional work, clear communication, and a whole lot of grace. But let’s face it: mother-daughter relationships are notoriously difficult. Why do mother-daughter relationships have a bad reputation, and what can we do to […]
Published 05/04/21
Do you need more of God’s presence? Most of us can identify a time in our lives when God has felt far away. Be it busyness or the mundane, the expected or unexpected, life enjoyment or life responsibilities, we have […]
Published 04/28/21
Morgan Harper Nichols is simply a force to be reckoned with. Like a quiet storm, she consistently creates content out of the overflow of her artistic gifting and her soul’s desire to serve others well. She is an original for […]
Published 04/14/21
Do you find it hard to be happy? Do you struggle to consistently feel joy? In your journey towards happiness, waves of grief and feelings may arise and cause you to fall into a deep, dark place. However, if you […]
Published 04/06/21
How do you acclimate to a lifestyle of being loved after you’ve been deeply hurt? How can you feel the hope and presence of God during the darkest experiences in your life? Is it possible for you, as a survivor, […]
Published 03/29/21
What is the story you are telling with the life you are living? Is it a story you feel good about telling? Sam Collier, my guest on this episode, tells his story of abandonment, sacrifice, gratitude, and rescue. Sam is […]
Published 03/27/21
Have you ever felt like you’re staggering helplessly as you try to navigate through all the turns and curves that life has thrown your way? Or maybe, you’ve found yourself alone and secluded in dim seasons when you’re seeking growth […]
Published 03/17/21
Part of knowing you is knowing when the God who created you is speaking to you. Is God telling you it’s time to leave that job? Has He put a friend on your mind that you haven’t made time to […]
Published 03/05/21
Do you feel like you’re wearing a mask? Are you hiding who you really are from everyone around you? Have you been living in a pit of shame because of choices you have made? Are you aching to experience freedom […]
Published 03/03/21
Where do you place your value and worth? Is it rooted in your career, life-long goals, stellar accomplishments, personal appearance, or community status? In so many ways, the world offers opportunities to find personal success in things that hold no […]
Published 02/24/21
If you’ve lived long enough, you know that life can change in an instant – without warning and with no consideration for the plans you’ve made. Kayla Stoecklein’s life changed forever when her husband, Andrew, died by suicide in August […]
Published 02/10/21
What does it mean to be a truly genuine person who is comfortable in your own skin? What does it take to be confident in being exactly who God designed you to be? It can be tempting to hide behind […]
Published 01/29/21