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Episode Seven. We've really enjoyed making these episodes & one of you emailed us suggesting James and Producer Phil did their own personal Cinema Stories recommendations. I mean, we're here to give you what you want, right? So here's a "Bonus" episode! Expect name-drops, further mentions of the Royalty Cinema in Bowness-on-Windermere, and find out what James has in common with expired film-director-turned-critic Micheal Winner. You've been warned...! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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Published 11/06/19
Episode Six. Any movie fan will know Steven Woolley. As a producer of 'The Crying Game' and 'Carol' he’s a multiple awards nominee, whilst his distribution company Palace was an eighties phenomenon, releasing films by the likes of David Lynch and the Coen Brothers. But he started out working in...
Published 10/30/19
Episode Five. The super-cool movie journalist Rhianna Dillon joins us this episode of Cinema Stories, relaying tales of Brighton movie visits, a mishap at an East London pop-up and that miserable bunch of old men better known as ‘film critics’. Rhianna’s one of our favourite broadcasters - fresh,...
Published 10/23/19