Ep 146 Ease Internal Chaos and Stress Using Your Voice and Body with Kelly Vogel
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Today's show is a fun, interactive episode that gives you a chance to play along with your voice and body! My guest today is Kelly Vogel. Kelly is the founder of Sound Passage, a practice that helps people embody the power of their own voice through gentle sound and movement. Most episodes don't come with a user manual, but this one does. I recommend you find a quiet place where you can practice Kelly's teachings as we go. Her exercises are simple and as you'll learn, they make a big difference. We discuss why voice and body work are important and how they can impact you when doing difficult things, like giving a speech, having a hard conversation, or running a big meeting. Kelly shares voice and body warmups you can do anytime and you'll be able to practice them right along with us. Also! Speaker Sisterhood is presenting an online workshop featuring Kelly and her work on October 6th at 7pm ET. We will practice some of the exercises we tried on this episode and you'll learn other ways to stay present in your body during chaos and stress. You can register for that workshop here. More about Kelly: Originally from San Francisco, Kelly holds an MA in Literature and has been a college educator for over 20 years. She is also a singer-songwriter/pianist with three albums of original music. As an introvert, Kelly knows all-too-well the anxiety that public speaking and performing can generate. The creation and development of Sound Passage has been instrumental in helping her move from a place of vocal constraint to a place of inspiration. Kelly is a Learning Specialist at Smith College and lives in Easthampton, MA with her husband and daughter. Learn more about Kelly Vogel and Sound Passage Get Kelly's list of warm ups here Register for our online workshop October 6th --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
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Published 11/17/21