Ep 154 WTF Is Branding with Maggie Bergin, Part 1 of The Branding Series
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Today’s episode kicks off our four-part branding series. Branding became a hot topic around 10 years ago when the concept of creating a “personal brand” became more important. My goal in creating the series is to get you thinking about how you are showing up in the world, what you are known for, and how you can amplify your brand message and reach more people through a variety of marketing and communications methods. My first guest is Maggie Bergin. Maggie is a brand strategist on a mission to eliminate brand vagueness for womxn-owned businesses. She helps consultants, freelancers & side-hustlers build cohesive, irresistible brands by turning zones of genius & personalities into precise and compelling reasons for clients to hire you. Maggie wants womxn in business to BE UNDERSTOOD so their client lists and incomes grow. *Warning: This episode is not suitable for children* We discuss: How Maggie defines branding and why it's important What "brand vagueness" is and why we should avoid it What makes a brand cohesive and irresistible Examples of good and bad brands The six questions you should ask yourself when trying to determine your brand How to know if your brand is good or if it sucks Learn more about Maggie Follow Maggie on Instagram @beunderstoodbranding
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