Ep 177 Lies about Permission, Pretending, and Pausing
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Have you ever felt like you needed permission from your friends and family to take a risk? Maybe you weren't waiting for their validation consciously, but were you delaying taking action because you didn't know what others would think of your idea? Does that sound familiar? What about pretending? Ever show up in relationships acting one way, but thinking another? Have you ever felt you had to put on a show in order to be accepted or loved? And when it comes to pausing, have you ever felt guilty for taking your foot off the gas so you could coast for a bit and not feel the pressure to constantly be doing something?? Today's show is all about addressing three big topics that can get in the way of living our life fully. Whether it's waiting for the right person to give you the green light, wanting to impress someone by acting a certain way, or constantly working to prove your worth, you're missing out on the magic of life by constantly striving for things that don't improve the quality of our life. Joli and Angela share their experiences and perspective on these words and offer advice on how to deal with them in a way that isn't soul crushing.
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