EP 80: Daniel Buezo, Co-Founder of Kids of Immigrants
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Since he was a youngin, Daniel has always been about community and having the back of his homies and loved ones. When he was only 18, his sister unexpectedly passed away and it sent Daniel into a very dark place of rage. He started getting in trouble a lot and was even arrested for silly things like trespassing. After making a promise to himself to never go back to jail, Daniel would shift into social work and help kids who grew up like him in Brooklyn. From there, Daniel ended up moving around a bit, ultimately landing in LA where he was given a job as a tour stylist for Kehlani after his initial gig fell through. Inspired by the grind and seeing the world, Daniel later decided to set out on his own entrepreneurial path. He and his business partner Wehleh didn’t know exactly what they wanted to do, but they had the name Kids of Immigrants. Soon, they would be inspired to translate their vision to clothing. Kids of Immigrants officially launched in 2016. Daniel and his brand live through their purpose of supporting your friends, spreading positivity, and making your wildest dreams come true every single day. Co-Founder of Claima and Former Nike Marketer, Bimma Williams interviews leading and emerging creatives and entrepreneurs of color about how they were able to build their own tables by turning their hobbies, side hustles, and ideas into thriving small businesses. From these stories, listeners will learn how to claim their dream careers by stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. Featuring Melody Ehsani, Jeff Staple, James Whitner and more. Follow Claima Stories and Bimma Williams on Instagram: @claimastories @bimmawilliams. And watch us on Youtube powered by Vista
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