The Wrong Man
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As the hunt for a serial killer who has struck three times in Claremont continues, police train a laser focus on one very peculiar man who admits to driving the streets and picking up at least one woman. But the man’s mother says enough is enough. A TV reporter spends an hour with the suspect in his beachside apartment, quizzing him over the case. She concludes that detectives are pursuing the wrong man and contacts the father of one victim to share her view. Now, more than 20 years later, a former police commissioner says that suspect and his family are owed an apology.
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“Brace yourself, Bradley,” is what Detective Senior Sergeant Joe Marrapodi said to Bradley Edwards during the final part of his police interview. He was telling Mr Edwards to brace himself, because they had the DNA results back - from a swab he gave to detectives around 12 hours earlier. “The...
Published 05/06/20
Day 84 was the day the court heard directly from Bradley Edwards, through his police interview, recorded after his arrest in 2016. Today, we heard his response, as he was told he was accused as being the Claremont Serial Killer. “I just want to go to sleep and to wake up and for this to all be...
Published 05/05/20
In this episode, the podcast team look ahead into the evidence which has been anticipated for weeks - Bradley Edwards police interview - which Damien Cripps said gives ‘shivers down his spine’ in anticipation of the video to be played to the court, and is expected to be “the most significant...
Published 05/04/20