This English mermaid story for kids was written by Abbie Phillips Walker.  Little Hilda was a sailor's daughter and lived in a little cottage near the shore. Her father used to go on long voyages. She used to spin and knit while her father was away. She was very fond of water so she would often go fishing or stare at the blue depths of the ocean to try to see a mermaid. She was always very anxious to see one as her father has told her many stories about mermaids, how they sang and combed...
Published 06/03/21
An English story for kids written by Abbie Phillips Walker. A long time ago, there lived a sea monster on an island of rocks out in the ocean. His head was giant and mouth. It was so massive that he could swallow a ship. On stormy nights he used to sit on the rocks and the flashing of his eyes could be seen from miles away. Although he was a friendly monster, the sailors were frightened of him because of his massive appearance. One night there was a terrible storm and the sea monster saw a...
Published 04/24/21
An English Story for kids written by Abbie Phillips Walker. A very kind gentleman once lived in a huge house which was in the midst of a stunning park. He had a lovely cat.  Pussy was very clever and his master knew very vividly that she would harm the birds in the garden. So he put an enormous ribbon around Pussy’s neck and tied a little silver bell on that which used to tinkle on every occasion pussy moved and this warned the birds. Pussy however pretended that she did now not care. One...
Published 03/24/21
Authored by Laure Claire Foucher. Once upon a time, there lived a mother goat with her seven children. One day she went to the dense forest to fetch some food and warned her kids about a clever wolf. She asked them to stay alert from the wolf who would often come in disguise to kill. But he could be distinguished by his rough voice and black paws.  After she left, the wolf came by thrice pretending to be the mother goat. The little goats managed to avoid his traps but are done in by his...
Published 03/03/21
One bright summer season afternoon, a Mother duck built herself a warm nest and sat on the six eggs she had lately laid. Five of them had been white, but the sixth, which was large than the others was different from the rest and was grey in color. The sixth egg cracked into a brown-colored bird and appeared distinctive from other ducklings. All the neighbors used to call the poor little duck ugly and unpleasant. Everyone stared at him with unpleasant eyes, called him ugly and disgraceful. As...
Published 02/02/21
A Classic English Story For Kids written by The Brothers Grimm. Once there was a couple who wished for a baby for a long time. They lived behind the beautiful house and garden that belonged to a witch. The couple was expecting their first child. One day the woman noticed rampion salad leaves in the garden and wanted to eat them. The man sneaked into the garden to get the salad but was caught by the witch. The witch kept a condition in order to let him go. She demanded him to give his baby to...
Published 01/02/21
Author: Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve. Once lived a merchant who had a lavish life but due to misfortune, all his fortunes were lost. Everyone in the family was sad but only Beauty, the youngest daughter of the merchant was positive and cheerful. When one day, the merchant got the news that maybe one of his lost ships has been found, he went on to the town to check but ends up as prisoners of a beast in his castle. He had to agree to trade his daughter Beauty for his freedom. Beauty starts...
Published 12/10/20
The Little Shepherd Boy is a famous bedtime story for kids. The story is about a little boy who was famous for his wise answers which he gave to all questions. His act of wiseness was known to all even in faraway lands. So, one day a king summoned the boy’s presence in his kingdom and decided to ask him three questions. The boy successfully impressed the king and answered all the three questions wisely thereafter which he lived in the palace as the king’s own child.       For more kid's...
Published 11/06/20
Autor: Mary Mapes Dodge   Little Red Hen is an American fable collection. The story is about a hardworking little red hen who lived in a farm along with her three friends- a dog, a cat and a duck. The little hen found some seeds and so she decided to plant, cut and grind them to bake some bread when the plant grows. The hen had to do everything of her own as her friends would deny helping. So when she finally baked the bread, she denied to give them any. The story teaches kids the value of...
Published 10/14/20
Edited by Watty Piper   The fairytale is about a young beautiful princess who was sent away by her old mother to the lands a prince with whom she would get married as promised a long time ago. She was sent away along with a maid and a horse. On the way, the maid threatened the princess and swaps her identity with the princess. The poor princess has to wither a lot of hardship and lives as a goose girl looking after the geese in the courtyard of the king. But the suspicious king finds out the...
Published 09/03/20
Published 08/18/20
The Brothers Grimm   Once upon a time there lived a young boy Simpleton with his two elder brothers and mother. His brothers would chop woods for living but was rude and selfish. Simpleton, on the other hand was very kind and humble and thus was rewarded a golden goose by a little wise man with whom he shared his meager food. This golden goose and the wise old man helps Simpleton to win the hand of the princes who has never smiled in her life. The classic tale of Brother Grimm teaches us to...
Published 08/11/20
Author: The Brothers Grimm   Grim fairy tales have been enjoyed by kids over the years. This classic fairy tale “The Sleeping Beauty” is about a princess who was cursed by a wicked fairy. The wicked fairy had cursed the princess to die but a good fairy instead converted the curse into a hundred years sleep until a prince wakens her up. When the lovely princess turned seventeen, she pricked her fingers on a spindle and fell asleep as the curse cast its spell. The curse continued over the years...
Published 08/06/20
Editor: Hamilton Wright Mabie, Edward Everett Hale, and William Byron Forbush   The Elves and the Shoemaker is the classic kid's story where a poor but honest shoemaker struggles to make his living but had just enough money to buy leather for one more pair of shoes. That evening he runs into some good luck when two elves decide to pay him a visit at midnight. Every morning he would find his work neatly done. Slowly the buyers started to pay him more and he becomes quite well to do. When he...
Published 07/28/20
Author: Gaston Herbert Putnam   An all-time classic story of a gingerbread man who was baked by a lady cook for a young boy. The gingerbread looked like a jolly little man plotting some mischief. As soon as the cook opened the door, the gingerbread man hopped,  jumped and ran across the kitchen door and out into the garden. All the animals and people started chasing the gingerbread until the boy got hold of it and slowly ate it all. This kid's story is full of laughter and funny elements that...
Published 07/18/20
Author: Benjamin Tabbart; Edited by: Joseph Jacobs   This all time classic story was originally written as "The Story of Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Bean" by Benjamin Tabbart but it went under several changes till Joseph Jacobs version came across and "Jack and the Beanstalk" got immortalized in its current form. It tells the story of a young and poor boy Jack who trades his family cow for magic beans and his life changes forever after that.  
Published 06/30/20
Edited by Watty Piper Little Red Ridding Hood is an innocent little girl who is sent by her mother to provide some supplies to her granny who lives across the woods. A cunning big bad wolf tries to make granny and the little girl its supper but meets his fate in the end. A kids tale which has been passed over generations and adapted many times over which tells an important lesson to kids to stay clear of strangers and obey mother's instructions.
Published 06/22/20
Author: Beatrix Potter    This all time classic tells the tale of a little girl Lucie who had lost her three handkerchiefs and starts on an adventure to find them.
Published 06/02/20
Written by Charles Perrault Classic English Tale about a wise and courageous cat which goes out of the way to secure the future of its master. 
Published 05/05/20
Published 04/25/20
Story By: The Brothers Grimm  Classic English tale of a beautiful princess who seeks help from a frog and in return promises to be frog's companion.
Published 04/25/20
Edited by Watty Piper This story is about the world's most beautiful girl who is wronged by her step mother out of jealousy but how luck saves her from all the perils thrown in her way.
Published 04/09/20
The all time Arabian classic tale of Aladdin and his magic lamp.
Published 04/07/20
Classic English story of 12 Dancing Pricesses and the great mystery about their torn shoes.
Published 03/26/20
Editor: Hamilton Wright Mabie, Edward Everett Hale, and William Byron ForbushWhat happens when a young girl, Goldilocks wanders about and walks into the house of three bears? As important lesson is that its really not right to get inside a stranger’s house without permission.
Published 03/20/20