The Good Sea Monster
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An English story for kids written by Abbie Phillips Walker. A long time ago, there lived a sea monster on an island of rocks out in the ocean. His head was giant and mouth. It was so massive that he could swallow a ship. On stormy nights he used to sit on the rocks and the flashing of his eyes could be seen from miles away. Although he was a friendly monster, the sailors were frightened of him because of his massive appearance. One night there was a terrible storm and the sea monster saw a little boy named Ko-Ko floating on a plank. At first, the boy was scared of the monster but then when he saw that the huge sea monster had to intention to hurt him, he climbed on his back and went to the rocky island. Soon Ko-Ko was comfortable with the monster and cooked dinner for him from all the things Ko-Ko found from the monster’s big mouth. Listen to the podcast to know about a little guest they had next.  See for privacy information.
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