Daniel Hoffmann shares the story of his very special friendship with Mike, how they inspired each other in their passion for classic cars and how he inherited his friend's BMW M1 after his untimely death. He tells us how it feels to drive Mike’s M1 as well as other cars from his own collection like BMW Z8, and why he wants to get a BMW Z1. He also gives insights into the Berlin classic car community, including organisations like the Flitzerclub. Daniel Hoffmann on Instagram: @valuedriver The...
Published 02/01/23
Paul Howse had just graduated when he designed the McLaren P1 supercar. He gives us insights into the design process, what inspired him and how he celebrated his success, and explains why he likes which cars best. He's an artist now, but still works with cars, and has a wealth of knowledge to pass on. Paul Howse on Instagram: @paul_howse_art BMW Group Classic on Instagram: @bmwclassic JP Rathgen & Classic Driver on Instagram: @jprathgen @classicdriver
Published 01/18/23
Will Beaumont tells us how he set about publishing his own BMW magazine as a young graphic designer in England, how he modified his BMW 2002 into the most perfect car for him and how he sees the future of the young classic car scene. Will Beaumont on Instagram: @will_beaumont88 BMW Group Classic on Instagram: @bmwclassic JP Rathgen & Classic Driver on Instagram: @jprathgen @classicdriver
Published 12/21/22
Vintage Bimmer in Los Angeles is much more than a workshop. Bailey Roberts, Robert Hill and Aiden Arvizu tell us how they restore and sell classic BMWs from the 80s and 90s while building a cool and contemporary lifestyle centred around it. Highlights include their own merchandising, very special events and a growing community.
Published 12/07/22
Peter Gleeson tells us the story of his modest upbringing in 1970s London and how he snuck into the stands at car races. He explains how his passion and determination helped him find ways to buy his first cars and how, step by step, he built up his collection of landmark classics – including the iconic M1 painted by Frank Stella and other BMW highlights.
Published 11/23/22
Jakub Berthoty from Slovakia remembers the Eastern Bloc cars of his childhood, and how the fall of the Iron Curtain suddenly opened up his horizons to Western motors and a fascination with BMW. He tells us why he has concentrated his collection around the BMW 7 Series, how he restores his modern classics in his own garage and how he brings them up to date technically.
Published 11/09/22
Let Bruno Spengler, former DTM champion for BMW, take you on a journey to the race track. In our latest Classic Heart Podcast, he helps us understand racing as a profession and the passion that goes with it, and tells us more about his career, his daily training the challenges he faces.
Published 10/26/22
They call themselves the HFMSTRS and have created a BMW community in their very own, original style. The three main members – Jasper Schwering, Daniel "Rasi" Rasenberger and Tobi Krengel – talk about how fun and crazy ideas drive them, how a BMW Art Car ended up in Rasi's garage for a small event and why all this is about much more than cars.
Published 10/12/22
Gaby von Oppenheim is one of the few female racing drivers in classic motor sport. She tells us in vivid detail how it feels to line up in events like the Le Mans Classic, how the comic-book hero Gabriele Spangenberg became her pseudonym and why classic cars should be viewed more in the context of art and design.
Published 09/28/22
Frank van Meel, the passionate CEO of BMW M, celebrates 50 years of M with us. He gives exciting insights into the history and future of the legendary brand. He talks about the influence fans have on development, how the latest LMDh race car pays tribute to history, how sporty dynamics become electric and how he became a BMW fan himself.
Published 09/14/22
Ben Clymer talks about his award-winning online watch magazine "Hodinkee" and his collection of classic cars, and provides insights into this luxury, celebrity scene. He tells us why watches and cars have been a perfect match ever since, why European and American cars are so different and why he prefers classic cars unrestored.
Published 08/31/22
Laura Kukuk's view of classic cars is ruthlessly analytical. As a vehicle specialist, she gives exciting insights into how she scientifically evaluates classic cars and how she approaches her role as a juror at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. She talks about her work and passion with spirit and energy. Want to know what to look for before buying a classic car? Click through Laura's tiny tutorials on her YouTube or Instagram channel to find out! YouTube:...
Published 08/17/22
The car journalist Jason Cammisa reports with skillful self-mockery on his experiences with German and American car culture and their striking differences – from the autobahn to the TÜV. He tells the amazing story of how he got his first BMW Touring and highlights the diverse American car scenes he’s encountered during his travels. Want to find out more about one of Jason’s favourite driving routes? Click here to see where it leads you: https://goo.gl/maps/Es4ycUSEddfcaCqF8
Published 08/03/22
Mai Ikuzawa gives a very personal insight into her father Tetsu Ikuzawa, the Japanese motor sport icon, and her own notably female perspective on the automotive world. She shares progressive ideas and insights into her lifestyle, which sees her balancing her time between London and Chamonix.
Published 07/20/22
Guy Berryman is a man of infinite talent, creativity and style. The bassist in world-famous rock band Coldplay is also the founder and director of car magazine The Road Rat and the design inspiration behind fashion brand Applied Art Forms. Plus, for many years he has been a passionate collector of sports cars from the 1960s. With characteristic calm and focus, he tells us how it all fits together.
Published 07/06/22
Istanbul-based interior designer Can Eyilik is a man of action and makes his dreams – of BMW M cars – come true. For example, he owns the only M3 GT in Turkey. Can tells us how he built his own super-stylish BMW garage with great enthusiasm. "Driven34" has since become the perfect meeting place for the BMW community in Istanbul.
Published 06/22/22
Anders Bilidt talks about his incredible career in the classic car world. As a pilot for international airlines, he took the opportunity to source and sell vintage cars around the world. Later he was director of the Haaning Collection classic car museum and today he has the dream job of car specialist at world-famous auction house Sotheby's.
Published 06/08/22
In the BMW Group Classic Podcast, moderator J.P. Rathgen talks with illustrious guests about the fascinating world of classic vehicles and the lifestyle that goes with it. Each guest reflects on a topic of their choice. The podcast focuses on favourite vehicles and collections, and features background on the most exciting classic events, insights into dream jobs in this highly desirable sector, amazing stories, genuine legends, and the passion that unites us all. It’s inspiring, informative...
Published 06/02/22