4: How your word choices can affect your skin | Hayley Wood, holistic esthetician
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“If somebody is really upset about their fine lines, wrinkles on their forehead, or the lines around their mouth, I'm like, ‘OK, so you smiled a lot and you were thinking a lot. When did that ever hurt you to be thoughtful, laugh, and to express yourself?” says holistic esthetician Hayley Wood. In this episode of Clean Beauty School, mindbodygreen beauty director Alexandra Engler and Wood discuss how we talk about the way we look—and how that can dramatically change the ways we treat it.  Show notes: -Research about body positivity and body neutrality.  -Survey about our perception of the ideal age.  -Global poll about how women describe themselves.  -How to develop a skin gratitude practice. -Why you should use enzyme masks in the shower. Comments: [email protected] Sponsorship inquiries: [email protected] 
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