Why are we so attached to our hair? | McKenna Reitz, TedX speaker with alopecia universalis 
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“Now I can finally walk past a mirror, stop, look at myself, and say, ‘I am enough. I am worth it.’ As women, that is sometimes the most difficult thing for us to be able to do. You have to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it until you finally believe it,” says teacher and TedX speaker McKenna Reitz, who has alopecia universalis. For Alopecia Awareness Month, Reitz joins mindbodygreen beauty director & host Alexandra Engler on today’s Clean Beauty School. In this episode, they talk about the emotional toll of hair loss, how to feel comfortable in your skin, and what’s on the horizon for those with the autoimmune condition.  Show notes: -Learn about alopecia.  -Our episode on hair loss. -The connection between alopecia and other disorders.  -Keeping track of hair shedding.  -How positive thoughts change brain plasticity.  -Learn about microblading your brows.  -Reitz’s beauty selects: Cardani Eyelash Glue, Ardell Wispies false eyelashes, John Renau wigs. Comments: [email protected] Sponsorship inquiries: [email protected]  Don’t forget to use the code VEGGIESPOD to save 25% off your first month when you subscribe to organic veggies+. Visit mindbodygreen.com/veggiespod to learn more. 
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