Interconnected: Our Oceans Your Lungs and the Air You Breathe
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Aerosols can move around the globe - affecting our climate and our weather but how do they affect human health? Kim Prather, PhD explores how her work transfers the complexity of the ocean's atmosphere into the lab to better understand the COVID-19 pandemic. [Health and Medicine] [Science] [Show ID: 36060]
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Human health is affected by environmental change. Those impacts are distributed unequally within and between populations and the disparity between those most responsible and those most affected by change. Dr. Thomas Newman describes how you can reduce your own environmental footprint by...
Published 05/28/20
Throughout the US and around the world, extreme heat is on the rise. Its a trend that many of us have perceived even in our own lifetimes we talk about how heat waves have gotten hotter, less bearable. Kristina Dahl, PhD Senior Climate Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists, explains that...
Published 05/27/20
With a rapid shift of policy attention to the virus and economic recovery, how will the energy system change? And what will happen to climate emissions and policy? Speakers: Michael Davidson and David Victor Series: "Global Impacts of COVID-19 - A GPS Webinar Series" [Public Affairs] [Show ID:...
Published 05/18/20